I saw a piece Barbara had done previously that incorporated both linear glasswork and a geode entitled "Geode Prairie" or some such. What it really looked like was a nice fat sausage impaled on a fork just off the BBQ. I mentioned this to the artist who for some strange reason thought that was just odd. It might have been because I was hungry at the time but it made for a fun little joke between us. As I was getting ready to leave the Austin, Texas area and rejoin my wife I was looking around for a suitable gift for a very good friend. You know it is always difficult to purchase gifts for your closest friends, especially if they are a little advanced in years. Basically if they want it they have already gone out and purchased it. Standing around the Weber one afternoon debating the finer points of cooking some slab of beast it occurred to me that I could get Barbara to recreate her "Geode Prairie" design, but specifically with the BBQ in mind. I sent her a description, she sketched it out, I gave her a budget and before you can say "Weber!" "Sausage on a Fork" was born. She captured the entire feel of a lazy Sunday summer afternoon cooking some brats over the grill, complete with hot coals heat lines and all. It was a tremendous hit with my friend and is as unique as you could possibly want.

  A.S., Naples, FL

The piece I commissioned Those in Glass Houses to create was very personal to me. I had just lost my mom to cancer and I wanted a piece of artwork that would always remind me of my mom's two favorite things: butterflies and daisies. Barb was able to take my simple request and create a piece that brings me joy every time I see it. Of course, I wish my mom could see Barb's masterpiece in person, but I like to think she can see it and that it makes her smile, too. Thanks Barb. Your talent is truly a gift!

  N.J. & M.J., Magnolia, NJ

“Brushes” now hangs in our paint studio, overlooking our worktable. We can gaze on it as we do our latest projects. Even on a cloudy, rainy day, it brightens the window. Awesome!

  J.K., North Las Vegas, NV

In October I surprised my husband for his birthday with the beautiful red rose stained glass window created and designed by Barbara. It's placed in our front window and creates beauty whenever light shines through it. It sends a warm message of welcoming friends and family to my home.

J.K. NLV Test Pic  
  L.T., Lumberton, NJ

Thank you for creating the wonderful stained glass design "Archways" for my wife for Christmas. She LOVES it! You really did a great job interpreting my ideas into an artful glass image! It is hanging in the bay window of our dining room so we can see it every day. It fits right in with the decor of our home. Thank you so much!! I've attached a photo to show you where it is.

  A.B., Mt. Laurel, NJ

'Addie's Flamingo' was made for me, by my daughter Barb. If you have read her story on her blog of why there are flamingos in my life you will understand.

In making ' Addie's Flamingo', Barb has outdone herself. It is truly a piece of art that I cherish. I didn't think it was possible, but sure enough she found another way to add to my Flamingo collection. I truly love this one, and it won't be hidden away in the ' Flamingo' box as the others are. I found the perfect spot for it…..hung on the mirror in the guest room....see picture.

Thanks Barb.

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