fused glass

Childs Art Your Child's Art Recreated in Glass

I can recreate your child’s simple art in a piece of fused glass that can then be slumped into a bowl, plate or vase.

This piece is my daughter’s picture of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer she did when she was four years old, she is now 25.

Using fusible glass and frit (coarse glass sand) on a clear piece of glass or color glass, then firing in a kiln, I can recreate what your child did originally on paper. What a great gift for a grandparent or a parent, something that can be kept for generations.

Color Block Bowl Color Block Bowl

A fused glass bowl made with a square piece of amber glass then laying out various square and rectangular pieces of white, yellow, orange, green, and black glass and filling the center with a clear piece of glass, I was able to make this pattern of color blocks around the rim and bubbles within the amber section of the bowl.


Yellow & Black Bowl Yellow & Black Bowl

A fused glass bowl made with clear glass with stripes of yellow and black and specks of green. Air bubbles formed between the layers of glass add a bit more personality to it.


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