creating my glass art

General Information About My Stained Glass

Each piece of glass is hand cut and then ground to assure it fitting perfectly into place. The Tiffany copper foil technique is used in soldering these multiple pieces together to form your piece of glass art. Once put together, the piece will be framed, given a patina finish of your choice and then polished with a wax to give it a shine.

Each window/panel can be framed in either zinc or copper depending on your specifications. The zinc frame can be given a pewter or black patina finish before waxing. The copper frame is just waxed. Hooks or rings can be added for hanging.

Suncatchers will be framed with a lead finish or lead came depending on size and shape. It will then be given a pewter or black patina finish before waxing. Rings can be added for hanging.

Once framed, the solder lines will be given a pewter, black or copper patina finish to bring out the beauty of the glass colors. Then the solder lines and glass are polished with a wax and buffed for a bright shiny finish.

Every piece of stained glass is designed and copyrighted by me. You will always get a custom piece of glass art that will be signed and dated.

General Information about my Fused Glass

Two or more pieces of glass are hand cut and arranged to form a design. This ‘design’ is then put into a kiln, heated to a near liquid state to fuse them together, than cooled slowly (annealed) to form a single piece of glass. Once cooled, it can then be put back in the kiln on a form, heated again and ‘slumped’ into the shape of the form so that your piece of fused glass can now be a dish, bowl or vase.

All fused glass is lead free and food safe. I recommend that you don’t use it in a microwave and that you hand wash in order to protect your piece for years.

General Information about Your Childs Art in Glass

Using a color copy of your child’s art (10” square max. size), I trace it onto fusible glass; hand cut the glass and arrange it to match your child’s piece of art. I then fuse it (see General Information about my Fused Glass). Once cooled, it can stay as a flat piece of glass art or be slumped it into a plate or bowl.

No original pieces of art will be harmed in the making of this keepsake.

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